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How to change the battery?

  1. Unscrew the cover in accordance with the arrow placed on its front (see photo 1).
  2. Insert a new CR2032 battery into the POWERCRANK cover as shown on the front cover.
  3. Make sure the O-ring is in the right place (see photos 2, 3).
  4. Make sure that dirt (mud, water, dust) does not get into the battery compartment – if it does, remove it thoroughly using a soft cloth or a cotton bud.
  5. Insert the cover into the housing so that the red marks on the housing and the cover match each other (see photo 4).
  6. Press the cover to the housing and turn the cover in the opposite direction to the opening direction (see Photo 5).

Pay attention to the correct polarity of the batteries and that the “red dots” are in the right position.

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