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Cycling Dynamics are metrics and visualisations available on selected Garmin computers and watches. They present precise data on the distribution of power generated by the user during crank rotation. The new POWERCRANK TWIN2 records and transmits the following parameters:

    • Start angle of positive power (positive torque)
    • Final angle of positive power (positive torque)
    • Initial angle of peak power (peak torque)
    • Final angle of peak power (peak torque)
  • SEATED/STANDING POSITION – riding position
  • RIGHT/LEFT BALANCE – share of power generated by the right and left leg, expressed as % of total power


Those parameters can be displayed on the computer/watch screen during the activity, in addition they will be presented graphically and numerically in the Garmin Connect app when the completed activity is uploaded.

If you have a compatible watch or computer, you will need to manually activate the handling of this data. You will find how to do this in the manual of your computer/watch. Usually, all you need to do is go into your device’s power meter settings, find the ‘cycling dynamics’ option and enable/set it as active.

List of compatible Garmin devices that allow the use of the “Cycling Dynamics” option:

  • Edge 520
  • Edge 520 Plus
  • Edge 530
  • Edge 820
  • Edge 830
  • Edge 1000
  • Edge 1030
  • Edge 1030 Plus
  • Edge 1040
  • Edge 1040 Solar
  • Edge Explore 21

1  The Edge Explore 2 will detect Cycling Dynamics and display after the activity is saved and uploaded to Garmin Connect, but will not be able to display them live on the unit during the activity.

  • D2 Delta series
  • D2 Mach 1
  • Descent Mk2 series
  • Descent G1 series
  • Enduro series
  • epix (Gen 2) series
  • fenix 5 series
  • fenix 5 Plus series
  • fenix 6 series
  • fenix 7 series
  • fenix Chronos
  • Forerunner 745
  • Forerunner 935
  • Forerunner 945/945 LTE
  • Forerunner 955/955 Solar
  • Instinct 2 series
  • MARQ Collection
  • quatix 5
  • tactix 7 series
  • tactix Charlie
  • tactix Delta serie

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