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ANT+ / BLE signal interruptions and interference. What to do?

If you are using a Bluetooth (BLE) connection to connect to the sensor, try to connect using an ANT+ signal as a priority. ANT+ is a dedicated and more stable communication protocol for power meters and should be selected by default.

ANT+ sensor signal drops are usually caused by signal interference. If the problem persists check if the same problems are affecting other sensors (e.g. heart rate belt) – if so, then the problem is with the bike computer/watch. Also check whether other devices are causing interference (e.g. bike lights). Remember that the power meter is also a cadence sensor – if you have another cadence sensor it should be disconnected and removed, as it can cause problems with the receiver.

Wifi routers can also be a source of interference. ANT+ is a 2.4 GHz signal. Most Wifi routers will also emit a 2.4GHz signal, which can interfere with ANT+ signals. There are a few different solutions that can help here:

  1. Choose a different channel for your router. Channels 9-12 are usually the most problematic.
  2. For stationary training, move the trainer away from the router. Another room a few metres away would be ideal.
  3. Turn off your Wifi router for the duration of your workout

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