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How to calibrate TWIN2?

Calibration is identical to the calibration of the left INPEAK POWERCRANK.

  1. Place the bicycle in the riding position.
  2. Start the device by turning the crank twice backwards.
  3. Make sure the battery in the meter has at least 10% life.
  4. Position the left crank arm vertically with the pedal down (6 o’clock) and make sure no object is touching the left arm. The pedal must be screwed to the left arm.
  5. Pair the cycle computer with POWERCRANK by entering the ANT + ID number on the left crank arm or on the packaging.
  6. Run ZERO OFFSET calibration function on the cycle computer.
  7. After a while, a message will appear that the calibration is complete and the value of the calibration process should be 1010. This process may take up to several dozen seconds. If the value is other than 1010, please contact us.
After the calibration process, the device is ready for driving.


Calibration should be performed relatively often, especially after changing weather conditions – this will ensure correct indications of POWERCRANK power measurement. Calibration should be performed each time after disassembly and assembly of the device and battery replacement.

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